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What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures around, but what exactly is it? Colgate, a leader in oral care supplies, describes dental bonding as the application of enamel-colored resin, or plastic, to an area of imperfection on the surface of a tooth. Many people choose dental bonding to repair chips, cracks, gaps or discoloration quickly and inexpensively.

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Is it a Veneer?

No! Dental bonding, also known as adhesive bonding, is a process that can achieve the same look and functionality of a veneer in just one visit. During dental bonding, a cosmetic dentist binds moldable, tooth-colored resin composites to the remaining tooth structure. Although veneers are more durable, dental bonding is a quick, beautiful, and effective way to repair small spaces, cover stains, repair small fractures, treat sensitive teeth, or even lighten tooth shade. Overall, dental bonding is a quick, painless, and lasting method for enhancing and preserving your smile.

So How Does Dental Bonding Work?

Dental bonding is among the quickest, easiest, and least expensive of any cosmetic dental procedures currently available. Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI performs the procedure in his Westchester, Los Angeles office. Prior to the bonding procedure, Dr. Matthew will blend a custom shade of composite resin to match your preexisting tooth enamel. Then, a gentle phosphoric solution is applied to the natural tooth to help prepare the enamel for the bonding agent. The agent is applied to the area in need of repair followed by the composite resin. The resin is molded to match your smile, then set and hardened by an ultraviolet light. Once hardened, a cosmetic dentist will further shape and polish the tooth to blend with the remaining teeth seamlessly.

What are the Benefits of Dental Bonding?

In some cases, dental bonding is considered to be an ideal alternative for silver fillings or veneers. Reasons for considering dental bonding include that:

- It’s fast. Unlike veneers or crowns that are manufactured in a lab and require multiple visits to the dentist, dental bonding takes an average of 30-60 minutes per tooth and can often be completed in one visit.

- It lasts. Although not quite as durable as veneers or crowns, dental bonding can last years depending on an individuals oral care habits.

- It’s Inexpensive. Dental bonding is among the least expensive of all cosmetic procedures partly because bonds don’t require any lab work and can be completed in one just one visit.

- It’s Effective. Dental Bonds are applied directly to the tooth enamel, making them more structurally sound than fillings. Unlike silver fillings, bonds are color-matching and can also repair chips, stains, cracks, and gaps.

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