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Teeth are incredibly strong, but they can still get infected, chipped, fractured, break, or even get knocked out, resulting in a dental emergency. Like other kinds of medical emergencies, a dental emergency can unexpectedly happen at any time. At South Bay Smiles, we want you to know that Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI, is here for you and can easily accommodate your dental emergency with a same-day visit.

Dental emergencies may arise from a variety of different situations including:

Tooth Ache

Tooth pain can be caused by a number of different factors, including a broken tooth, a cavity, or the decay of an old filling. Excessive grinding or clenching can also be a cause. While over-the-counter painkillers may offer temporary relief, in such instances it is imperative to see a dental professional as soon as possible.

Sore Gums

Plaque and food stuck between the teeth can cause infection and, when left untreated, result in sore and painful gums. Gentle brushing, flossing, and rinsing with warm salt water may help to dislodge food, but if the pain persists, this too constitutes an emergency.

Broken Tooth

A broken tooth can result from an impact to the mouth. Typically, these kinds of impacts occur during accidental falls or while playing sports. A broken tooth may also result from inadvertently biting down on a hard food. A broken tooth can become very painful as a result of exposed nerves, and such situations very often require immediate medical attention.

Lost Crown

A crown may fall off for a variety of different reasons and, when it does, it can expose very sensitive areas of the mouth and cause extreme pain. It may be possible to put the crown back in place with an over-the-counter dental cement but, generally, medical attention is required sooner than later.

Contact South Bay Smiles Right Away

Depending on the level of pain you are experiencing, all of the above situations, as well as other kinds of dental problems, may be legitimate dental emergencies that require an immediate visit to a board-certified dentist like Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI. If you ever experience a condition that affects your mouth to the point where you are unable to function, you should call Dr. Matthew immediately.

Dr. Matthew and the South Bay Smiles team have vast experience treating patients with dental emergencies and providing them personalized care while utilizing the latest dental techniques and procedures.

If you are suffering from an emergency dental condition and live near Westchester or in the West LA area, please contact Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI, by calling our office at (310) 670-0659 to receive immediate care.

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