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New Study Finds Poor Oral Health Among Olympians

Olympic athletes represent the best of the best in their respective sports. Simply qualifying for the Olympics is an honor, elevating an athlete to a world stage. Due to their amazing physical prowess, most people view these athletes as being among the healthiest individuals in the world, with one significant exception: their dentists. A recent study indicated that, although Olympic athletes may be in spectacular physical shape, their oral health is severely lacking.

Olympic Athletes Lack Good Oral Health

Over 300 athletes in the 2012 Olympics in London took part in an oral health survey, which represented 25 sports. The results of the study were particularly shocking, given that the athletes were in otherwise incredible physical shape.

Ian Needleman, who oversaw the study said, “We found a lot of tooth decay, which was surprising. More than half of athletes had tooth decay. And for a lot of them it wasn’t just one tooth. It was many teeth. But apart from that, lots of other issues – gum disease, which was really present in a lot of the athletes. Dental erosion, which is teeth wearing away due to acidic food and drinks. And trauma – damage which you might expect from some sports, which involve contact or risk of trauma.”

While most athletes pride themselves on taking exceptional care of their bodies, this study suggests that many have not been taking the same regard with their teeth. The findings were even more peculiar due to the fact that a majority of the athletes surveyed were teenagers or individuals in their early 20s.

Oral Health Can Affect Overall Health

A growing body of work exists suggesting that an individual’s oral health can affect his or her overall health. We now know that people who floss daily live 6 years longer on average than those who fail to take care of their teeth. Our mouths are one of the major gateways into the body and, without the right care, germs and bacteria can enter an individual’s system.

In today’s health-centric society, going to the gym and eating well are not the only things on which people should focus. It’s incredibly important for everyone, whether or not they are Olympic athletes, to regularly visit a dentist. Individuals can maintain an overall healthy mouth by brushing and flossing daily, and regularly seeing a trusted dentist like Dr. Bradley Matthew, DDS, MICOI. When you visit South Bay Smiles in Los Angeles, Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI can assess the health and appearance of your teeth and gums. He can also provide treatment for a wide range of cosmetic dental problems like discoloration and gaps in your smile.

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