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Cosmetic Dentistry: The Most Popular Procedures of Today and Tomorrow

Everyone from celebrities to neighbors and maybe even yourself have wondered what it might look like to have a more-polished smile. As a symbol and outlet of one’s inner beauty and happiness, the smile is a source of confidence for people of all ages. Yet many still yearn for a smile that gleams brighter and are looking to dentists for an answer. In the Inglewood area, Bradley Matthew DDS performs numerous cosmetic dentistry procedures with BriteSmile, a highly-effective, noninvasive teeth whitening treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry is the Future of Cosmetic Procedures

While a yearning for whiter teeth is nothing new, the methods to achieve a perfect smile are. Within the last decade, women are increasingly more likely to see a cosmetic dentist over a cosmetic surgeon when seeking a change to their look. Actors and actresses are realizing the importance of a clean smile when auditioning for roles. Young brides and grooms looking for a way to make their wedding portraits sparkle a little brighter turn to BriteSmile. Professional men and women are utilizing BriteSmile to ensure confidence in the appearance of their teeth when meeting with business partners or clients. Cosmetic dentistry and whitening procedures can change the quality of life for men and women alike. Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI is an expert in teeth whitening procedures in Inglewood and utilizes BriteSmile on patients who come in for many different reasons.

Teeth Whitening with BriteSmile

BriteSmile is the state-of-the-art cosmetic teeth whitening procedure utilized by Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI. You will receive a gel coating of hydrogen peroxide that is then activated by an LED light placed in front of the teeth. You will need to sit for a little over an hour as the stains in your teeth are penetrated and can listen to music or watch television. You will leave with bright, radiant teeth and will not want to stop showing off your smile.

As in-home options become less and less convenient compared to in-office whitening procedures, more people are turning to cosmetic dentists for teeth whitening. In-home kits are expensive for such a small amount of product, and to ensure lasting results you will need to get touch-up kits often. In-office cosmetic-whitening procedures like BriteSmile can produce a clean, white smile that lasts up to two years.

Different shades of discoloration respond to whitening treatments differently. In-home kits usually treat yellow or brown stains satisfactorily, but do not do much for greying or staining from trauma. Consulting a cosmetic dentist is the only thorough way to treat staining on your teeth. If you are experiencing self-conscious feelings about your discolored teeth, South Bay dentist Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI has options for you. Cosmetic dentistry is becoming the go-to beauty treatment method and you and your smile should not get left behind!

BriteSmile in Inglewood

Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI is a cosmetic dentist and whitening specialist practicing in the Inglewood, South Bay area. No one in Los Angeles needs to hide his or her smile any longer, not with the advanced BriteSmile treatment so readily available. For more information on teeth whitening with BriteSmile visit our website or call our office today at (310) 670-0659.