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Five Steps to Whiter Teeth

A bright white grin can boost self-esteem and help you land that hot date or even a big promotion at work. However, with so many whitening products and procedures available, it can be difficult to determine the best method of getting your pearly whites whiter. Westchester cosmetic dentist Dr. Bradley Matthew, DDS, MICOI recommends the following steps to brighten your teeth and maybe even your day.

1. Avoid Stain-Inducing Snacks and Beverages

If you've been overindulging in sweets, consider the fact that this habit may have a negative effect on more than your waistline. According to Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI, sweet treats like candy, popsicles and gum can cause your smile to appear less than white. Dark-colored beverages like red wine, coffee and cola can also cause teeth to look yellow. Limit consumption of these treats and chew on an apple or carrot instead to get the saliva flowing and keep your teeth clean and bright.

2. Rinse Your Teeth Regularly

In the same way that saliva helps wash away debris, rinsing your mouth with water can actually help prevent stains from developing. Try to remember to wash out your mouth the next time you enjoy a glass of red or cup of Joe, and you may see an improvement in the shade of your smile.

3. Stick to Soft-Bristle Brushes

Regular brushing and flossing are essential to keeping teeth healthy and white. However, Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI cautions patients to use soft brushes only, as medium and hard bristles are more likely to damage tooth enamel. Regular, gentle cleaning will help ensure that your smile stays healthy and stain-free.

4. Try a Take-Home Whitening Kit

Although DIY teeth bleaching takes longer than in-office procedures, a home whitening kits can be a great option for improving the shade of your smile. While less expensive than in-office techniques, home whitening kits can still cost consumers as much as $400. Luckily, Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI offers every new patient a free whitening kit along with additional whitening gel at checkups. Still, patients with truly stubborn stains and those seeking immediate results should contact a cosmetic dentist to learn about their tooth-whitening options.

5. Schedule a Teeth Whitening Consult with Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI

Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI offers both Dash and BriteSmile whitening techniques to patients in the West LA area. Using a revolutionary laser system combined with a hydrogen peroxide gel, BriteSmile provides effective whitening that can last for years and is a great option for patients with stains beneath the surfaces of teeth. Offering great results for wine and cigarette stains, BriteSmile takes just one hour to perform.

For those individuals seeking a less-invasive whitening method, Dash may be an ideal means of achieving whiter teeth. Using a non-light-activating whitener, Dash is best at removing yellow or brown stains and takes just an hour to administer. Visit Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI to determine the best tooth whitening procedure for your specific needs.

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A gleaming white grin can have a positive effect on every aspect of your life, from career advancement to dating. If you want to learn more about BriteSmile, Dash or another cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of your smile, feel free to contact Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI by calling (310) 670-0659 today.