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Teeth Whitening and Your Options

Q: In-office teeth whitening: What are my options? Is there a technique that will match my existing caps /crowns?

What are the various professional in-office teeth whitening available? I have read about one that uses a red light; is this the latest and are there advantages to it? Can any of them be controlled to a certain whiteness? I want it to match existing caps/crowns.

Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI's Expert Answer

There are many in-office teeth whitening systems available. We use the Brite Smile System. These in office systems use a stronger bleach (which is why it must be administered in a dental office) that is activated by the light. The advantage to in office bleaching is that it does in 1 hour what the trays take a week to do. But it is very difficult to try and control it to a certain whiteness. All teeth bleach differently. Teeth that are greyer in color tend to take longer to bleach then those that are more yellow. Often we recommend bleaching to the desired color, then changing the old dental work to match the new, brightercolor.