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After Dental Surgery - Recovery Procedures

At South Bay Smile Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI offers a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry services ranging from teeth whitening with BriteSmile, Invisalign and crowns/veneers to root canals dental implants and tooth extractions. Depending on the procedure the recovery time can be very different. However, it is important to realize that the surgery after-care is a vital part of the recovery process, especially after a dental implant or tooth extraction.

Typically the recovery pain level for a dental implant is similar to a tooth extraction- therefore healing recovery time and care are also similar. After surgery your mouth will be sore and tender, and in some cases painful to the touch. There are a few general rules in regards taking care of your mouth after an oral procedure.

Dental Treatments

As discussed by your doctor take over the counter medication to help alleviate pain. In some cases, you may need to take prescribed medication. Follow instructions on how to take the medication carefully and do not drive or operate heavy machinery when on medication.

If you have major swelling in your cheek, you can minimize this with an icepack on the cheek area of your implant or extraction. You can either purchase an icepack or make your own at home by using a sealed bag of frozen vegetables or ice cubes in a sealed zipper bag. Icing for 10 minutes at a time is recommended, then icepack needs to be taken off of your cheek for 5 minutes and repeated as necessary. This treatment will help with swelling from the oral procedure.

Take care of yourself by getting enough rest. Within the first 24 hours of the procedure limit your physical activity and focus on resting and relaxing. Avoid extraneous activities. Also, it's important to get at least 8 hours of sleep in the evening following your procedure and to make sure that your head is slightly elevated in bed.

Eating and Drinking After Dental Treatments

Immediately after the surgery, eat only soft and healthy foods in your meals. Soft foods will help eliminate irritation due to chewing and can include: yogurt, oatmeal, bananas, soups and mashed potatoes. When you are ready move on to solid foods, but make sure you are still choosing foods that are easy to chew and that you are cutting the food into small bites. Make sure to drink lots of water and liquids as well.

During the healing process avoid any hard, crunchy or sticky foods. Also, try to chew on the side of your mouth that was not affected. Do not drink any liquids through a straw, (the sucking process can dislodge a blood clot) and do not drink any hot liquids as these can increase swelling. We recommend avoiding excessive alcohol use and not smoking.

Patient Care After Dental Treatments

It is imperative to keep the implant or extraction site clean. Depending on Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI's recovery instructions, after 12 hours, you may be able to rinse your mouth with salt-water to help keep the area clean. Gently brushing your teeth is an important part of recovery, avoiding the affected area and in some cases not using toothpaste right away, as this can affect the blood clot from an extraction.

Finally, make sure that you have scheduled a follow-up visit with Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI, a West LA dentist, to make sure the recovery process is going smoothly and that there are no issues with your dental implant or tooth extraction procedure.

Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI is committed to providing his patients the best dentistry care, and also on giving his patients easy to follow recovery procedures. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately. If you are considering oral surgery or have questions about the recovery process, please feel free to contact Dr. Matthew, DDS, MICOI at: 310-670-0659.

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