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New Study Finds Poor Oral Health Among Olympians

Olympic athletes represent the best of the best in their respective sports. Simply qualifying for the Olympics is an honor, elevating an athlete to a world stage. Due to their amazing physical ...
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Marina Del Ray Cosmetic Dentist Has the Secret to Gaining Self-Esteem

What Contributes to Self-Esteem? People have different personal qualities about themselves they value, are proud of, and like to express. Self-esteem stems from confidence in one’s appearance, ...
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How To Maintain Your Perfect Smile

Everyone loves looking at straight, white teeth because they are one of our most defining features. There are a lot of great options for patients that are either maintaining their perfect smile or are ...
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Great Smiles Open Doors

A first impression is everything, and your smile is often the first thing people notice about you. Your smile is also one of the first things potential employers notice, and studies show that a ...
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I Love Your Smile: Singles Seek Mates With Beautiful Teeth

It's no surprise that, when it comes to dating, physical attraction is essential. What is surprising to know is that, of all the possible physical traits, singles seek a mate with beautiful teeth. ...
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Change Your Smile With Veneers!

Porcelain veneers have always been a popular choice for a smile makeover. They are strong, durable, long lasting and difficult to stain. Many people choose this dental procedure to correct discolored, ...
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Changing Composite Veneers to Porcelain Veneers

Q: What is the process like to replace composite veneers with porcelain veneers? Will my teeth be shaved down? Can you discuss the process of replacing composite veneers with porcelain veneers? I ...
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